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Many consider British born Christian songwriter and worship leader, Chris Bowater, to be a Father of the modern worship movement. Coming to prominence in the Charismatic renewal of the late ‘70’s and early 1980s, his songs include “Reign in me,” “Here I am Wholly Available,” “Jesus shall take the highest honour,” “Holy Spirit we welcome You” and “Lamb of God” and “Faithful God”. His songs have been translated into many languages and used in churches all over the world. He has regularly led worship at major events including Spring Harvest Faith Bible Week, AoG Conference and Grapevine Celebrations. His ministry has impacted many nations. He has trained and mentored generations of worship leaders. He is the co-founder of Worship Academy International and is Senior Pastor of New Life Church Ministries in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK.

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  • Beyond the Worship Set

    Originally posted on 9marks.org The worship set is something of a fixture among evangelical congregations, whether the music is accompanied by a choir and orchestra or by an 8-piece indie-folk band. Step into a church sometime between the opening greeting and the sermon, and you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of a 20-30 minute block […]

  • A great blog by Johnny Markin: Surviving Our Cultural Babylon: Three Ways That Worshipping Keeps Us Faithful

    Originally posted on Worship Links Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from our friend Johnny Markin. You can follow Johnny on Twitter at @JohnnyMarkin. Many thanks to Johnny for sharing this perspective on worship with us! It doesn’t take very long to surf the media to see that the Christian Faith is under siege. […]

  • In The Meantime

    As most of you will know, there are two main words in the Bible for time – Chronos: which is often related to hours and minutes and Kairos: which many have interpreted to apply best to time as in, opportunity, right moment, appointed time or season. As I was returning from overseas following a time […]

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