Beyond the Worship Set

Originally posted on The worship set is something of a fixture among evangelical congregations, whether the music is accompanied by a choir and orchestra or by an 8-piece indie-folk band. Step into a church sometime between the opening greeting and the sermon, and you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of a 20-30 minute block […]

A great blog by Johnny Markin: Surviving Our Cultural Babylon: Three Ways That Worshipping Keeps Us Faithful

Originally posted on Worship Links Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from our friend Johnny Markin. You can follow Johnny on Twitter at @JohnnyMarkin. Many thanks to Johnny for sharing this perspective on worship with us! It doesn’t take very long to surf the media to see that the Christian Faith is under siege. […]

In The Meantime

As most of you will know, there are two main words in the Bible for time – Chronos: which is often related to hours and minutes and Kairos: which many have interpreted to apply best to time as in, opportunity, right moment, appointed time or season. As I was returning from overseas following a time […]

A Franciscan Benediction

May God bless you with discomfort At easy answers, half truths and superficial relationships, So that you may live deep within your heart May God bless you with anger, At injustice, oppression and exploitation of people, So that you may work for justice, freedom and peace May God bless you with tears, To shed for those who suffer […]