Crown of Beauty


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To say that Chris Bowater is regarded as one of Christian music’s elder statesmen is no overstatement. With a multitude of releases under his belt and having been involved in many initiatives to promote and develop worship throughout the world, ‘Crown Of Beauty’ marks something of a return to Chris’ roots.

I asked Chris how the new album came about. He replied, “After many years of prolific writing from the 1970s to the mid ’90s, I had a season of feeling it necessary to give away time and encouragement to new writers. My own output diminished rapidly but the songs by others that I had spent time with had some measure and reached a wider worshipping public. However, in 2004 I began to feel the pull to return to my first love of writing for the Church. I was ready for a new challenge and I believed that, after all these years, I still had something to express and contribute to the vision of worship in the Church.”

The album itself was recorded in Nashville under the leadership of British-born producer John Hartley. “Going to Nashville was a great experience,” explained Chris. “It was not particularly the level of musicianship or technical expertise but the close proximity within one city of these gifts. The way of life there seems very cool and unhurried and this made the whole process of recording easy and relaxed and lacking in pressure.” The album sleevenotes rather candidly explain that Chris had an urge for this collection to reflect a journey of personal transformation in song. I asked Chris how this transformation had evidenced itself in his music and his walk with God. “I believe we are all products of our journeys. God took me on a journey of testing my motivation in ministry. I am recognised as a father within worship but sometimes fathers get too busy to truly fulfil this calling. God began to rearrange the vision in order for me to be what I am called to be. I trust this journey is reflected in the songs and the selection of songs by other writers – that in itself is a great motivation check!”

The songs themselves are clearly close to Chris’ heart. I wondered what some of his favourite tracks were. “I was brought up on Welsh hymnology and ‘O The Deep Deep Love’ reflects this influence. The refrain is almost completely borrowed from a hymn but the melody is new as are the three verses written in collaboration with Scotland’s David Lyon. The song hopefully bridges generations but in any case the love of Jesus is still the greatest theme on earth or in Heaven. I feel that ‘Not To Us’ is my new ‘Highest Honour’. It expresses truth about our majestic Christ and it reminds us not to glean glory or honour to ourselves – such a huge temptation in today’s culture.”

Continued Chris, “‘Show Me Your Ways’ came about due to the fact that I have always been drawn to the relationship Moses had with God. Moses was often in the place of intimacy and was able to ask God questions. Although he could have asked for anything, he wanted to know how God did things and what he was like. God finally answered him with ‘gracious, compassionate, slow to wrath and abounding in love’ which is featured in the song.”

Track Listing

  1. Magnificent
  2. Not To Us O Lord
  3. Your Word
  4. Father Your Love
  5. God The Lord
  6. Seems Like So Long Ago (Mercy Over Me)
  7. Show Me Your Ways
  8. I Could Look (A Crown Of Beauty)
  9. Teach Me How To Pray
  10. Image Of Invisible God
  11. O The Deep Deep Love
  12. I Want to Tell You Of My Wonder (Loose Myself)

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