Speak Lord in the stillness

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Speak Lord in the stillness, while I wait on Thee
Hushed my heart to listen, in expectancy
Speak O blessed Master, in this quiet hour
Let me see Your face Lord in this blessed hour
For the words you speak, Lord, they are indeed, living from heaven,
now my spirit, now my spirit feed.
Satiate my being, with your fullness fill, as the dew descending,
let your speech, let your speech distill.

All to you is yielded, I am not my own,
blissful glad surrender; I am yours alone.
Speak, your servant hears now, be not silent Lord,
waits my soul upon you for the quickening, for the quickening word.
Fill me with the knowledge of your glorious will,
all your own good pleasure in your child, in your child fulfill.
Like a watered garden, full of fragrance rare,
lingering in your presence let my life, let my life appear.